Vernissage 2021-10-02

Olle’s exhibition, arranged by Ellen Ferngren and Kulturpunkten Gallery, Uppsala, was inagurated by artist and kurator Kees Geurtsen. Baklava and other treats provided by Demashqi, along with music performed by Kajsa Wahlander and Christer Malmgren made the vernissage a multimodal experience.

Ellen Ferngren & Olle Christoffersson
Kees Geurtsen
Vernissage 2021-10-02
Vernissage 2021-10-02
Vernissage 2021-10-02
Rapidly dissipating cache of baklava
Christer Malmgren & Kajsa Wahlander
October 2nd 2021: Irving Berlin, Robert Johnson, Frank Zappa and a few other people at Olle Christoffersson’s vernissage – Kulturpunkten, Uppsala, Sweden.

October 2021 Exhibition

Olle is showing aquarelles and oil paintings at Kulturpunkten, Gottsunda Centrum, Uppsala, Sweden in October. Vernissage is scheduled for October 2, 12:00- 16:00. Free entrance! Inaugural speech by artist and kurator Kees Geurtsen will be followed by music by singer Kajsa Wåhlander and guitarist Christer Malmgren. Show Olle some support by clicking the Facebook event. 🙂

Olle Christoffersson

Olle’s site refurbished!

Welcome to a slightly refurbished site with more content and information. Although not much has been visible on the site, Olle has been painting a lot. Happily, some of the artwork is now presented in the gallery section. Also, Olle has a few exhibitions coming up.

”Strandskogen” (beach forest) painted on the island of Gotland 2021.